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How to Make Paper Snowflakes

As you have probably noticed already we have added to our FREE Gifts page a new holiday download pack, including:

  • Holiday Greeting Card Templates,
  • The Best Selection of Holiday Quotations, Wishes and Poems,
  • Holiday Envelope Templates

And recently we have added another one: “Holiday Decorations: How to Make Paper Snowflakes”. You can freely download all this visiting our FREE Gifts page.

Creating your own snowflakes is really fun. It’s a wonderful way to spend time with your children or friends. We think that the best about snowflake making is the surprise moment, because you can never know what your snowflake will be like in the end.

Although we like this moment of surprise, some of you might want to follow some specific snowflake patterns to make special flakes. For this matter we suggest you to take a look at this wonderful snowflake making book that will teach you to reach the perfection in your snowflake making techniques. Enjoy!

“Snowflakes for all Seasons: 72 Fold & Cut Paper Snowflakes”

Price: $ 3.99

Personalized Canvas from Your Photo

Photo on Canvas

Photo on Canvas

Turn your loveliest family photos, dearest photos with your loved one, or best friend’s birthday party photos into a fine piece of art! Put your photo on canvas and give it as a special Valentine’s Day present or catch your baby’s lovely smile and surprise mommy, daddy or loving grandparents with a personalized and very special gift.

All you need to do is choose the right photo and the perfect gift will be created for a very special person to you.

This unique gift is available here: CANVAS PERSONALIZED WITH PHOTO
Price: from $ 59.00

Your Love Sac


Original Oversized SuperSac (seating 3 adults!)

Need present ideas for 21st birthday,  something special as a back to school gift, want to show all your love to someone, need a creative and stylish gift idea or just need new furniture? Well, here it is – Your LoveSac!

Surprise your family and friends with this amazingly comfortable piece of furniture. You will notice that LoveSac will become the top piece of furniture in your house, every guest will like to sit on it.

Life changes and so should your furniture. This is what LoveSac is all about. It’s another level of quality, comfort and style.

lovesac the big one khakiThis is a wonderful chair for your movie evenings with friends. It’s not only comfortable but also looks great in every room.

You can choose from various sizes, colors and styles to match your personality and the interior of your home.

This unique gift is available here: CREATIVE FURNITURE

Price: $ 399.00

Wrap Your Candy!


Birthday Candy Wrappers

If you want to add a special accent to your birthday party, baby shower, anniversary, wedding or want to leave a great impression to your business clients and partners, then make it sweet! Your own personalized candies will be a special accent to any occasion.

Pick any wrap design you like (you can even easily design your own candy wrap if you don’t find the right one from professionally made candy wrap designs on the website) upload your digital photo, put your personal message and complete your order. You can find appropriate candy wrap designs for every occasion, like birthdays, baby shower, weddings, holidays, business, special occasions and many more.


Personalized Candy Wrappers

You can even choose whether to receive your personalized candy wraps already with candies or just wraps so you can wrap your favorite candies at home. Download our FREE e-book “Unique Homemade Gift Ideas” to find out how you can make delicious homemade candy in less than 5 minutes! This will be one of the best homemade gifts, birthday surprises or party items!

Surprise your friends and family and make your special occasions even more memorable with your own personalized candies!

This unique gift is available here:  PERSONALIZED CANDY WRAPPERS

Price: $ 0.72

The Touch of Hollywood


Customizable Trophy - Price: from $ 5. 99

How would you like to make your friends and family members feel like real superstars? Probably you’ve heard them saying: “I wish I was a famous movie star..” or “I wish I had Angelina Jolie in my birthday party..” or something similar to that. Guess what? Now it’s your chance to be the one who makes these dreams come true! And actually it’s not that hard after all.

Marilyn Monroe Lifesize Cutout - Price: $ 29.99

Probably you and everyone who knows your grandma think that she has been and still is the greatest actress in the world. Even if she is not the greatest actress, she definitely is the greatest grandma in the world who certainly deserves a reward. Then, why don’t you just tell your grandma that she is the best for you rewarding her with a trophy just like the real Oscar directly from Hollywood? Surely your grandma is not the only person you know who deserves their own trophies with their names on them. And what about you? Perhaps it’s time to reward yourself with a golden trophy! Choose the size, shape, even color, put names on it and information why they have won this trophy and here you have it – great and personalized gift directly from Hollywood! Just because  your loved ones have always deserved this!

Perhaps you know a passionate Angelina Jolie fan or someone who just loves Johnny Depp so much? Maybe crazy fans of Marilyn Monroe, Antonio Banderas, Elvis, Fabio or even Hillary Clinton? How about inviting them to your friend’s party? Well, unfortunately we can’t guarantee that they show up, but there is one thing you can do about it to pleasantly surprise your friend anyway. Get them a lifesize cardboard cutouts of your friends favorite celebrities! They look just like real! This will be a fun and definitely a pleasant surprise for every fan.


Elvis Presley Commemorative - Price: $ 11.99

Here is another very unique and sentimental gift you can give your loved ones directly from Hollywood. A nicely looking framed picture of their loved celebrities. This gift is a nice gesture to every collector and someone who is a fan of what Hollywood has given to the world.


Hollywood Classic Gift Set - Price: $ 24.99

These are not far all gifts from Hollywood that you can give to pleasantly surprise your loved ones. You can make a Hollywood party with Hollywood party supplies, decorations and party favors, including the red carpet! You can give your friends and family Hollywood gift sets, gift baskets and different personalized items, film stills and movie posters, director’s clapboards, chairs and megaphones as well as a cinema decor for your home movie room or awards dinner. Don’t forget about the stylish clothes with Hollywood symbolic for her and for him and many, many more.

Everyone of us deserves the moment of fame, because we all  are superstars in our hearts! Take your loved ones closer to the stars with gifts from Hollywood!

This unique gift is available here: HOLLYWOOD GIFTS

Price: from $ 5.99

Chocolate Fountain


Chocolate Pro Fountain

Very original and great gift for every chocolate lover. Chocolate Pro Fountain makes it easy to enjoy delicious hand-dipped desserts anytime! Perfect for parties! With this fountain any celebration becomes even more special.

Surprise your chocolate loving friend or family member with this original gift! And don’t forget the strawberries! :)

This unique gift is available here:  CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN GIFT

Price: $ 59.99