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Sweetest Family Christmas Postcards

Custom Christmas Photo Cards

Personalized Christmas Postcards

One of the oldest and most beautiful Christmas traditions is to  send holiday postcards to our family and friends. Here are wonderful family card ideas for Christmas.

Personalized Photo Custom Christmas CardsThis highly personalized photo postcard can be your newborn baby’s first Christmas present to the loving grandparents, a special holiday greeting from the whole family or just a beautiful way to tell someone that you love and remember.

Just upload the photo you want to be on your special holiday postcard, add a personalization text and a sentimental Christmas photo postcard will be made for you.

This unique gift is available here: PERSONALIZED CHRISTMAS PHOTO POSTCARDS

Price: from $1.19

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Musical Snow Globe

Perhaps it is the best time to start looking for interesting and creative gifts. Christmas is coming, and it is always great if you are prepared early so you can truly enjoy all the special moments this holiday without stress and crowded shopping centers in the middle of  the shopping fever. If you start looking for presets right away, later you will be thanking yourself for that! A Winters Wonderland Carriage Ride To Church By Twinkle Waterglobe

Here is one very beautiful and sentimental gift you can give to someone special this Christmas. It is a Winter Wonderland snow globe featuring a couple riding to church. The base is exquisitely detailed and decorated with a beautiful scene of a snow covered town. Inside of the base is a phenomenal sounding 18 note musical movement that plays “I’ll be home for Christmas”. There is also a fantastic option to choose any other melody of your choice to make the gift even more special and personal!

This will be a great present for your friends and all members of your family.

This unique gift is available here: “I’LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS” MUSICAL SNOW GLOBE

Price: $ 54.99

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Unique Experience – Jelly Bath!!

jellybathGive yourself an unforgettable spa experience at your own bath! Pamper yourself with a hit of the year – a wonderful jelly bath!

This product turns into a thick jelly like a bathtub spa experience. Add it to warm water and it becomes a fluffy scented jelly which retains heat up to four times longer than water. It’s a

Click on the Jelly Bath Tub

Jelly for Bath

virtual bath blanket with aroma therapy benefits to relieve stress, reduce swelling, and ease muscle tension.

Jelly bath is so thick that includes a second packet to add when you are finished with the bath to dissolve it down the drain.

Wonderful gift for yourself and everyone you think deserves an exclusive relaxation experience at their own bathroom.

This unique gift is available here: UNIQUE BATH EXPERIENCE – JELLY BATH

Price: from $ 10.00

Give a Star from the Sky


Star Certificate

Have you ever felt like you could do anything for your loved one? You would be ready even to bring her/him a star from the sky..  Actually, now you really can!!! You can give your special person a real star from the sky and name it in your loved ones name! One of the best gifts girlfriend or boyfriend could ever receive!

Giving away a star named after someone special to you is a symbolic novelty gift. Global Star Registry offers a service to name real stars. Each star name will be filed and registered in The Global Star Registry once only. The star name will be filed in a Registry Vault and recorded in a book, which is registered in the copyright office of the United States of America.


Star Map

You get a Star Kit from MYSTAR – Global Star Registry which contains a signed certificate confirming the name and astronomical coordinates of your star. You also get a sky map showing where your star, which is marked, is located. The kit also contains a pendant engraved with the star’s constellation and its exact coordinates! You can choose between getting the pendant as a necklace or a keyring.


Engraved Pendants

There are many other gift options possible, for example The Star Kit, TwinStar which includes the same as the Star Kit but you get double sets of the pendant, certificate, sky map and other content. The perfect gift for a couple, your best friend, your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend etc.

No doubt,  your own star is a fantastic gift for Mother’s or Father’s Day, birthdays, Christmas, weddings, Valentine’s Day or other special occasions!

This unique gift is available here: GIVE A STAR FROM THE SKY

Price: $ 108.00

Music Box

Click the Music Box

Pink Orchid Music Jewelry Box

A music box is a perfect choice for any gift giving occasion, treasured and remembered for a lifetime due to its beauty and marvelous sound.

This gift can easily become a family treasure which will be passed through many generations and become more and more valuable as the time passes by.

Fantastic gift for newborn babies, baby shower and one of the most wonderful first birthday present ideas. This is the gift that can’t be grown out of, besides you can choose the melody you’d like your baby to listen from their first moments in this world (we like Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” :) ).

There is something magical in the sound of a music box, something special that makes it a wonderful gift for every music lover as well as everyone else who appreciates the sentimental value of this gift.

This unique gift is available here: MUSIC JEWELRY BOX

Price: $ 89.99

Chocolate for Every Occasion


Deluxe Chocolate Collection

Chocolate is  one of those universal gifts that can be given in almost every occasion and without any special occasion as well. There are just few people in the world who hate chocolate so that means it’s almost impossible to go wrong with this gift especially if you make it look like a special gift.

Exclusive French  chocolate can definitely help you with that, because every piece of a chocolate looks like a piece of art. Feed your eyes, soul and tummy with these wonderful handmade French chocolates.

This unique gift is available here: EXCLUSIVE CHOCOLATE GIFTS

Price: from $ 21.69