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Cute and Practical – Octopus Tissue Paper Box Holder

There are so many reasons why we give presents, and not necessarily it has to be a big event or celebration for doing this. Perhaps your friend has caught a little cold and needs some love and attention from you, or maybe it was just a bad day for someone and there is a need for your support. Those are the times when even the smallest thing can bright up the day.

This little plush Octopus will be a great help to show your care and attention. It’s not only perfect for hugging, but it is also useful, because it always gives you a paper tissue any time there is a need for one. Red Octopus tissue paper holder is great as a home decoration, and is very practical as well.

This unique gift is available here: PLUSH GADGETS

Price: $ 10.29

Bring Back the Sound of Past with Vinyl Records

Ethel Ennis: Does It Hurt to Love/Clown Town

Ethel Ennis: Does It Hurt to Love/Clown Town

What else can warm your heart better than a wonderful vinyl record with your favorite old melodies.. Now over 2 million of the most famous to the most rare albums of fantastic vinyl music collection is available for everyone.

Whether you are looking for that special melody you haven’t heard for ages or want to add some great records to your unique collection, now you can find and buy all vinyl records online – from the most popular to those you thought you’d never hear again. Chose your favorite from thousands of fantastic Rock&Pop, Soul, Funk, Rap/Hip-Hop, Jazz, Blues/R&B, Punk/New Wave, Metal, Country, Folk, International and many more great vinyl record albums.

Enjoy the great comeback of vinyl records!

This unique gift is available here: RECORD VINYL ALBUMS
Price: from $ 1.00

Custom Bobble Head Dolls Made from Your Photo

bobblehead - himLooking for fun, unique and creative gift ideas? Personalized but a little bit more unusual? bobblehead - weddingHere’s something which can make every head turn and every heart blossom with the fond memories that personifies the gift at all times. Here is something which nobody can ever throw away as it ages.  Bobblehead gifts are ageless, timeless and can suit any occasion or any theme. Be it a wedding, engagement, Valentine’s day, birthday, Christmas or just a gift for the special him or her, Bobblehead custom gift choices are many and varied.

All you need to do is send a photo and your twin doll will be made for you. That simple it is but how much joy and excitement it brings to the lucky gift receiver!

This unique gift is available here: CUSTOM BUBBLEHEAD DOLLS

Price: from $ 75.90

Paint Your Life

Humans invented photo cameras to hold the precious moments of our lives. And all we have to do now is push a little button on our cameras to save the greatest moments forever.

Personalized Handmade Oil Painting

Since these moments are so important for us to keep in mind, we freeze them on a little piece of paper. Then why not to make them become a piece of art? Our loved people and wonderful moments we’ve spent together can be turned into a beautiful painting that will become a family treasure.

Let this be the first gift to a newborn baby from their first photo turned to a painting that will be treasured for the rest of the life. This is definitely one of the best gifts mom would love to receive. Give your grandparents a whole family portrait where you are the happiest. Turn your best friend’s dog photo into a painting and make it a greatest gift for them. Memorialize your wedding day with a great handmade painting from your photo that you both like so much.

This is a great and memorable gift you can give to anyone and receive many thankful words, hugs and kisses back.

This unique gift is available here: CUSTOM PAINTINGS FROM PHOTOS

Price: from $ 139.00

Make it Special with the Greatest Books of all Time


Charles Dicken's Book Collection

Give yourself and everyone you love one of the most pleasurable trades in the world! The pleasure of reading the greatest books of all time!

As we know the most popular gifts always have been flowers and books. Just because they bring us joy and always pleasurably surprise us.

Click the source below and you will find the greatest books of all time. No matter which book you choose from the wide list of the world’s most popular classics, it will be a great and thoughtful gift for everyone who loves great and qualitative literature.

This is a selection from the “1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die” list compiled by over one hundred literature critics worldwide. The book collection that every passionate reader should have in their bookcases.

This unique gift is available here: THE GREATEST BOOK COLLECTION OF ALL TIME

Price: from $ 5.95