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Just Like Real – Harley Davidson Roaring Softail Rocker


Harley Davidson Roaring Rocker

Can you imagine a better gift for a stylish young boy or perhaps a baby girl than their own Harley Davidson? Well, this Harley is not fast but the imagination of your little one will compensate it all! And it actually makes roaring sounds like a real one!!!

Inspired by the Harley-Davidson Softail Deuce, KidKraft’s rocking motorcycle has a leatherette seat, side mirrors, and reflector lights which give the authentic feel your little one is looking for. To keep kids safe, the bike is anchored securely on solid wood anti-tip rockers to prevent accidental tipping.

This unique gift is available here: HARLEY DAVIDSON SOFTAIL ROCKER

Price: $ 129.99

Your Love Sac


Original Oversized SuperSac (seating 3 adults!)

Need present ideas for 21st birthday,  something special as a back to school gift, want to show all your love to someone, need a creative and stylish gift idea or just need new furniture? Well, here it is – Your LoveSac!

Surprise your family and friends with this amazingly comfortable piece of furniture. You will notice that LoveSac will become the top piece of furniture in your house, every guest will like to sit on it.

Life changes and so should your furniture. This is what LoveSac is all about. It’s another level of quality, comfort and style.

lovesac the big one khakiThis is a wonderful chair for your movie evenings with friends. It’s not only comfortable but also looks great in every room.

You can choose from various sizes, colors and styles to match your personality and the interior of your home.

This unique gift is available here: CREATIVE FURNITURE

Price: $ 399.00

My Warm Heart for You

Click on the Microwaveable or Chillable Heart Pillow

Microwaveable or Chillable Heart Pillow

This time it’s not in a figurative meaning, here is a real heart and it’s actually warm and scented with beautiful aroma therapy scents when you warm it in the microwave.

Actually this heart is curing and gives you a relaxing heat therapy that can help ease headaches, muscle tension, stress and much more. It can also be cooled in the freezer for cold body therapy experience. Cold therapy helps also with headaches or can be used for sport injuries and swelling.

It will warm you when you’re cold and chill you when it’s way too hot!

Great and unusual way to show your loved ones that you care, or perhaps it can be a symbolic way to tell someone that actually your heart already belongs to this person. A red, warm heart is just a sweet way to remind it.

This unique gift is available here: MICROWAVEABLE SOOTHERS

Price: $ 34.00

Unique Experience – Jelly Bath!!

jellybathGive yourself an unforgettable spa experience at your own bath! Pamper yourself with a hit of the year – a wonderful jelly bath!

This product turns into a thick jelly like a bathtub spa experience. Add it to warm water and it becomes a fluffy scented jelly which retains heat up to four times longer than water. It’s a

Click on the Jelly Bath Tub

Jelly for Bath

virtual bath blanket with aroma therapy benefits to relieve stress, reduce swelling, and ease muscle tension.

Jelly bath is so thick that includes a second packet to add when you are finished with the bath to dissolve it down the drain.

Wonderful gift for yourself and everyone you think deserves an exclusive relaxation experience at their own bathroom.

This unique gift is available here: UNIQUE BATH EXPERIENCE – JELLY BATH

Price: from $ 10.00

Giant Games

giant snakes&ladders

Giant Snakes&Ladders - Price: $ 72.99

Super-size your fun with these jumbo size classical games. The most popular games of your childhood are back in the new quality. Now you won’t ever loose those small parts of your Snakes&Ladders or Checkers game again, because now these games have grown along with you. Now the classical games are super-sized to maximize the fun.

Great gift for children and active families. This is a unique and fun way to have a great time with your family and friends. Your summer parties will never be the same with these gigantic versions of popular games. It’s a fantastic gift idea for children leaving school for summer holidays.

giant tic-tac-toe

Giant Tic-Tac-Toe - Price: $ 21.99

Giant Snakes&Ladders game puts players in the heart of the action where they move up the ladders and down the snakes. Includes a gianormous 10′ x 10′ playing mat, 8 anchoring pegs and 1 giant inflatable die. A fantastic way to spend a great time with family!

giant foam-dominoes

Jumbo Foam Dominoes - Price: $ 29.99

Giant Tic-Tac-Toe – it’s the classic kid’s game… super-sized for big time fun! Move giant X’s and O’s on a 3-foot square foam board. Storage box with handle makes it easy to tote anywhere. Set contains interlocking foam squares, and 5 X’s and O’s.

Jumbo Foam Dominoes – each foam domino is 7″H x 4″W and almost 1″ thick! Full set includes 28 double-six dominoes.

Make it big with jumbo versions of your favorite classic games. Giant fun is guaranteed!

This unique gift is available here: JUMBO GAMES

Price: from $ 4.49

Tooth Fairy Pillow Cover

Tooth Fairy Pillow Cover With Tooth Pocket for Girls

Tooth Fairy Pillow Cover with Pocket

These adorable tooth fairy pillow covers are perfect for little girls and boys who lose a tooth.

Tooth Fairy Pillow Cover With Tooth Pocket for Boys

Tooth Fairy Pillow Cover With Pocket

The Tooth Fairy Pillows have a gingham pocket for the tooth and an adorable embroidery.

Having this tooth fairy pillow will make your little one feel prepared for a tooth fairy to arrive.

This unique gift is available here: TOOTH FAIRY PILLOWS WITH TOOTH POCKET

Price: $39.00