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Family Tree Personalized Sculpture

Antique Finish Heritage Tree

Family Tree Photo Frame Sculpture

This family tree sculpture will be the pride of the house. It’s an amazing idea how to show the roots of your growing family on this exquisite tree! Ten double-sided photos are handcrafted with brushed nickel plating and features beautifully detailed branches and leaves. You can insert family photos in the curved branches or use the 6 metal frames that are included.

This family treasure can be engraved with any message of your choice. This is a unique way to build your own family tree.

This personalized tree makes a great gift for parents, grandparents and children to always remember the roots they come from.

This unique gift is available here: PHOTO FAMILY TREE SCULPTURE

Price: $ 49.99

Pillows Personalized with Photo

Personalized Photo Pillow 12″ Square

Custom Photo Pillow 24″ Square

Personalized photo pillow is a great gift idea because of its sentimental value. Of course, you probably wouldn’t give a photo pillow to your boss, but for your closest people it’s a perfect present.

It is a wonderful present for grandparents. You know how hard it sometimes is to find a gift for grandmas and grandpas when they always say they don’t need anything. But a pillow with a grandchildren or family photo is something that they will definitely love to receive.

Not just your grandparents will be happy about such a unique gift, but everyone you love.

This unique gift is available here: PERSONALIZED PHOTO PILLOWS

Price: from  $ 30.95

Personalized Christmas Ornaments

One of the most pleasant holiday moments is decorating the Christmas tree with the whole family. Selecting the right ornaments and finding the right place on the tree for them is exciting and fun.

Christmas ornaments personalized with dearest friends and family photos will help you to make this time event more special. Your parents and grandparents will love to have the family photo Christmas ornament hanging on their Christmas tree.

You can hang these ornaments on your own Christmas tree or make it a special personalized and meaningful gift for family and friends.

This unique gift is available here: PERSONALIZED CHRISTMAS PHOTO ORNAMENTS

Price: $ 16.79

Free Gifts that Worth a Million

Sometimes the dearest and the most memorable gifts are those you can give without spending a fortune, even without spending a single dime. Here is a list of some really sweet, free and low cost gift ideas. You are welcome to share also your free gift ideas, just leave a comment! Enjoy the list and start giving these gifts today. They are free!

  1. pamperingGive a day of pampering. To make it official :) make a real gift certificate. A simple piece of paper with a list of services included in this day –¬† like breakfast in bed, a back massage etc., – will do perfectly! If you don’t want to give a whole day of pampering, give a coupon for an evening back massage, for example. There is no need to spend a fortune to buy a day of pampering in a beauty salon, if you can offer your own service, besides there is one thing that not even the most expensive beauty salons in the world can give – and it’s your love! Perfect gift idea that grandchildren can give to their grandparents, children to parents, boyfriends to girlfriends – basically, this gift will be appreciate by everyone.
  2. Write a poem or a little story about this person. How you give this present is up to you!
  3. List 10 (or more) things you like about this person, in this way showing how special this person is.
  4. Frame your hand print as a special memory from you. Great idea is to frame your children’ or pets framed handprint&footprintfootprints. They look really lovely!
  5. Draw something that means a lot for you both. Even if you can’t draw, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is your good thoughts and love. You will be the only ones who know what it really is.
  6. Make a CD with this person’s favorite songs, make a little book inside with lyrics and pictures. This will be the only such a CD in the whole world, which makes this gift even more special.
  7. Make your own special jewelry from sea shells.
  8. Leave interesting notes and messages all around the house letting love letterknow that this person is always on your mind. Try to leave a message on your bathroom mirror with lipstick or toothpaste.
  9. Write a love letter. Leave it under a pillow or in some special place. You can send your love letter by post. That will be a great surprise!
  10. And don’t forget about these wonderful gifts like – give a hug and a kiss. Why don’t you do it all day long?! Show them your love!

Download our free “Unique Homemade Gift Ideas” e-book and find out more wonderful ideas for gifts you can easily make at home.

Paint Your Life

Humans invented photo cameras to hold the precious moments of our lives. And all we have to do now is push a little button on our cameras to save the greatest moments forever.

Personalized Handmade Oil Painting

Since these moments are so important for us to keep in mind, we freeze them on a little piece of paper. Then why not to make them become a piece of art? Our loved people and wonderful moments we’ve spent together can be turned into a beautiful painting that will become a family treasure.

Let this be the first gift to a newborn baby from their first photo turned to a painting that will be treasured for the rest of the life. This is definitely one of the best gifts mom would love to receive. Give your grandparents a whole family portrait where you are the happiest. Turn your best friend’s dog photo into a painting and make it a greatest gift for them. Memorialize your wedding day with a great handmade painting from your photo that you both like so much.

This is a great and memorable gift you can give to anyone and receive many thankful words, hugs and kisses back.

This unique gift is available here: CUSTOM PAINTINGS FROM PHOTOS

Price: from $ 139.00