Elegant Gift – Chess Set

British Staunton Chess Set

British Staunton Chess Set

This is a special present for all lovers of the game of chess. It’s a beautiful high quality chess set and a case with a drawer for chess pieces.

It looks very elegant and makes an excellent present for your dad, grandpa, husband, brother, special friend or even boss. Maybe you know a special lady who likes chess or perhaps your kids are into chess. Or maybe there is someone you would like to teach this game and make it their first chess set ever.

No matter who would the recipient be, they will appreciate this beautiful gift.

This unique gift is available here: HIGH QUALITY CHESS SETS GIFTS

Price: $ 134.00

Baby’s First Christmas

Baby’s first Christmas is a special event in each family. Of course, the ones who are the most excited about it are parents and grandparents.  The baby won’t even be  able to remember its first Christmas. Things that help us to keep memories alive are photos that we take and special presents that we give. Take a look at a unique collection of the most memorable gifts for the baby, their parents and grandparents to save the moments of the baby’s first Christmas.

1 Handprint Ornament

Handprint Ornament Kit

Handprint Ornament Kit

Due to the fact that our children grow so fast, it’s natural that we want to somehow catch each special moment of their lives and keep it as long as we can. This handprint ornament is unique because it will capture your baby’s little handprint as a sentimental reminder of how small your baby used to be. Fantastic and memorable Christmas gift for grandparents from their little angel.

Preserve the memories with your child’s hand print. Use the box to store your ornament year after year.

This unique gift is available here: BABY’S HANDPRINT ORNAMENT KIT

Price: $10.00

2 First Christmas Wood Photo Album

Personalized Baby's First Christmas Wooden Photo Album

Personalized Baby’s First Christmas Wooden Photo Album

High quality wooden photo album will keep your Christmas memories organized. The album can be personalized with engraved baby’s name and year. It displays your child’s photo on the cover as well. Great way to keep your Christmas memories at one place.

The album contains 100 pages which hold one 4×6 photo on each page.


Price: $36.00

3 Baby’s First Christmas Clothing

Baby's First Christmas Outfit

Baby’s First Christmas Outfit

Little baby clothes are so cute but the baby’s first Christmas clothes are the cutest! :)

Back - Baby's First Christmas Outfit

Back Message – “Gently Place on Santa’s Lap”

“Baby’s First Christmas” ensemble will make everyone smile. It includes First Christmas outfit, Matching Santa’s Cap, Plush Christmas stocking, Velour terry bib, Pacifier, 8 oz. holiday bottle, Santa’s toy, Wrist rattle.

There is a “Baby’s First Christmas” message at the front of the little Christmas outfit and even cuter “Gently… Place… on Santa’s… Lap” message at the back.

This unique gift is available here: BABY’S FIRST CHRISTMAS OUTFIT

Price: $68.00

Sweetest Family Christmas Postcards

Custom Christmas Photo Cards

Personalized Christmas Postcards

One of the oldest and most beautiful Christmas traditions is to  send holiday postcards to our family and friends. Here are wonderful family card ideas for Christmas.

Personalized Photo Custom Christmas CardsThis highly personalized photo postcard can be your newborn baby’s first Christmas present to the loving grandparents, a special holiday greeting from the whole family or just a beautiful way to tell someone that you love and remember.

Just upload the photo you want to be on your special holiday postcard, add a personalization text and a sentimental Christmas photo postcard will be made for you.

This unique gift is available here: PERSONALIZED CHRISTMAS PHOTO POSTCARDS

Price: from $1.19

Personalized Books for Children

My Very Own Name Book

"My Very Own Name" Personalized Story Book

What can you give your child for birthday or put into a Santa’s sack for Christmas – Children gifts that would fully grab their attention and would be useful and educational at the same time? The answer is – a book. Not a simple book but a highly personalized one about your own child!

In “My Very Own Name” personalized story book entertaining animals bring letters one by one to spell your child’s first and last names in rhyme. This personalized storybook helps your child learn to recognize letters and spell his or her name. It includes the child’s birth date and a dedication from you!

"My Very Own Fairy Tale"

"My Very Own Fairy Tale"

“My Very Own Fairy Tale” is a personalized story. The book teaches children that their inner character traits are what make them great people. This educational book also teaches the child how to spell their name, and it builds vocabulary skills. The Fairy Patch at the end is full of interesting facts about flowers and berries.

Children will love to learn letters and read the story about themselves and will cherish their own fairy tales for life! Fantastic gift for Christmas, birthday or other special occasion in your child’s life. One of the best first birthday present ideas ever!

This unique gift is available here: PERSONALIZED GIFTS FOR CHILDREN

Price: $ 29.95

Musical Snow Globe

Perhaps it is the best time to start looking for interesting and creative gifts. Christmas is coming, and it is always great if you are prepared early so you can truly enjoy all the special moments this holiday without stress and crowded shopping centers in the middle of  the shopping fever. If you start looking for presets right away, later you will be thanking yourself for that! A Winters Wonderland Carriage Ride To Church By Twinkle Waterglobe

Here is one very beautiful and sentimental gift you can give to someone special this Christmas. It is a Winter Wonderland snow globe featuring a couple riding to church. The base is exquisitely detailed and decorated with a beautiful scene of a snow covered town. Inside of the base is a phenomenal sounding 18 note musical movement that plays “I’ll be home for Christmas”. There is also a fantastic option to choose any other melody of your choice to make the gift even more special and personal!

This will be a great present for your friends and all members of your family.

This unique gift is available here: “I’LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS” MUSICAL SNOW GLOBE

Price: $ 54.99