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Gift – Key to My Heart

"Key to My Heart" Pendant

“Key to My Heart” Pendant

What other gift can be more valuable than your loving heart? As a special and symbolic gift, give your loved one the honor to be the one who holds the key to your heart.

Gold “Key to My Heart” pendant is a wonderful  and romantic keepsake for that special someone. Give away the key to your heart to a loved one, and let them know how much they mean to you.

This is just a small key, but what a meaning it has for those who love! Maybe this Valentine’s Day your heart will find its special key holder. No matter what the occasion is, this kind of love expression to your special one will be the most romantic surprise.

This unique gift is available here:KEY TO MY HEART

Price: $ 97.00

Baby’s First Christmas

Baby’s first Christmas is a special event in each family. Of course, the ones who are the most excited about it are parents and grandparents.  The baby won’t even be  able to remember its first Christmas. Things that help us to keep memories alive are photos that we take and special presents that we give. Take a look at a unique collection of the most memorable gifts for the baby, their parents and grandparents to save the moments of the baby’s first Christmas.

1 Handprint Ornament

Handprint Ornament Kit

Handprint Ornament Kit

Due to the fact that our children grow so fast, it’s natural that we want to somehow catch each special moment of their lives and keep it as long as we can. This handprint ornament is unique because it will capture your baby’s little handprint as a sentimental reminder of how small your baby used to be. Fantastic and memorable Christmas gift for grandparents from their little angel.

Preserve the memories with your child’s hand print. Use the box to store your ornament year after year.

This unique gift is available here: BABY’S HANDPRINT ORNAMENT KIT

Price: $10.00

2 First Christmas Wood Photo Album

Personalized Baby's First Christmas Wooden Photo Album

Personalized Baby’s First Christmas Wooden Photo Album

High quality wooden photo album will keep your Christmas memories organized. The album can be personalized with engraved baby’s name and year. It displays your child’s photo on the cover as well. Great way to keep your Christmas memories at one place.

The album contains 100 pages which hold one 4×6 photo on each page.


Price: $36.00

3 Baby’s First Christmas Clothing

Baby's First Christmas Outfit

Baby’s First Christmas Outfit

Little baby clothes are so cute but the baby’s first Christmas clothes are the cutest! :)

Back - Baby's First Christmas Outfit

Back Message – “Gently Place on Santa’s Lap”

“Baby’s First Christmas” ensemble will make everyone smile. It includes First Christmas outfit, Matching Santa’s Cap, Plush Christmas stocking, Velour terry bib, Pacifier, 8 oz. holiday bottle, Santa’s toy, Wrist rattle.

There is a “Baby’s First Christmas” message at the front of the little Christmas outfit and even cuter “Gently… Place… on Santa’s… Lap” message at the back.

This unique gift is available here: BABY’S FIRST CHRISTMAS OUTFIT

Price: $68.00

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Special Chocolate for Christmas

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You have given chocolates before… just never like this! This is what you can say about these exclusive chocolates. They not just look amazing and taste delicious, but it is also the chocolate in it’s purest form without preservatives and fat other than the natural cacao butter! All pieces are handmade by world champion chocolatiers.

This will turn your traditional chocolate gift into a much higher level because

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this is not a simple chocolate anymore. Now chocolate is a piece of art – a very tasty art!

Giving chocolate will never be the same boring thing again. Surprise your family and friends with the most original gift these holidays

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or any other special occasion.

Give this exclusive chocolate gift for Christmas to make gift giving moments memorable, give these chocolates in a special occasion or without any special reason at all.

This unique gift is available here: EXCLUSIVE HANDMADE FRENCH CHOCOLATES

Price: from $20.00

Free Gifts that Worth a Million

Sometimes the dearest and the most memorable gifts are those you can give without spending a fortune, even without spending a single dime. Here is a list of some really sweet, free and low cost gift ideas. You are welcome to share also your free gift ideas, just leave a comment! Enjoy the list and start giving these gifts today. They are free!

  1. pamperingGive a day of pampering. To make it official :) make a real gift certificate. A simple piece of paper with a list of services included in this day –  like breakfast in bed, a back massage etc., – will do perfectly! If you don’t want to give a whole day of pampering, give a coupon for an evening back massage, for example. There is no need to spend a fortune to buy a day of pampering in a beauty salon, if you can offer your own service, besides there is one thing that not even the most expensive beauty salons in the world can give – and it’s your love! Perfect gift idea that grandchildren can give to their grandparents, children to parents, boyfriends to girlfriends – basically, this gift will be appreciate by everyone.
  2. Write a poem or a little story about this person. How you give this present is up to you!
  3. List 10 (or more) things you like about this person, in this way showing how special this person is.
  4. Frame your hand print as a special memory from you. Great idea is to frame your children’ or pets framed handprint&footprintfootprints. They look really lovely!
  5. Draw something that means a lot for you both. Even if you can’t draw, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is your good thoughts and love. You will be the only ones who know what it really is.
  6. Make a CD with this person’s favorite songs, make a little book inside with lyrics and pictures. This will be the only such a CD in the whole world, which makes this gift even more special.
  7. Make your own special jewelry from sea shells.
  8. Leave interesting notes and messages all around the house letting love letterknow that this person is always on your mind. Try to leave a message on your bathroom mirror with lipstick or toothpaste.
  9. Write a love letter. Leave it under a pillow or in some special place. You can send your love letter by post. That will be a great surprise!
  10. And don’t forget about these wonderful gifts like – give a hug and a kiss. Why don’t you do it all day long?! Show them your love!

Download our free “Unique Homemade Gift Ideas” e-book and find out more wonderful ideas for gifts you can easily make at home.

Tooth Fairy Pillow Cover

Tooth Fairy Pillow Cover With Tooth Pocket for Girls

Tooth Fairy Pillow Cover with Pocket

These adorable tooth fairy pillow covers are perfect for little girls and boys who lose a tooth.

Tooth Fairy Pillow Cover With Tooth Pocket for Boys

Tooth Fairy Pillow Cover With Pocket

The Tooth Fairy Pillows have a gingham pocket for the tooth and an adorable embroidery.

Having this tooth fairy pillow will make your little one feel prepared for a tooth fairy to arrive.

This unique gift is available here: TOOTH FAIRY PILLOWS WITH TOOTH POCKET

Price: $39.00


The Touch of Hollywood


Customizable Trophy - Price: from $ 5. 99

How would you like to make your friends and family members feel like real superstars? Probably you’ve heard them saying: “I wish I was a famous movie star..” or “I wish I had Angelina Jolie in my birthday party..” or something similar to that. Guess what? Now it’s your chance to be the one who makes these dreams come true! And actually it’s not that hard after all.

Marilyn Monroe Lifesize Cutout - Price: $ 29.99

Probably you and everyone who knows your grandma think that she has been and still is the greatest actress in the world. Even if she is not the greatest actress, she definitely is the greatest grandma in the world who certainly deserves a reward. Then, why don’t you just tell your grandma that she is the best for you rewarding her with a trophy just like the real Oscar directly from Hollywood? Surely your grandma is not the only person you know who deserves their own trophies with their names on them. And what about you? Perhaps it’s time to reward yourself with a golden trophy! Choose the size, shape, even color, put names on it and information why they have won this trophy and here you have it – great and personalized gift directly from Hollywood! Just because  your loved ones have always deserved this!

Perhaps you know a passionate Angelina Jolie fan or someone who just loves Johnny Depp so much? Maybe crazy fans of Marilyn Monroe, Antonio Banderas, Elvis, Fabio or even Hillary Clinton? How about inviting them to your friend’s party? Well, unfortunately we can’t guarantee that they show up, but there is one thing you can do about it to pleasantly surprise your friend anyway. Get them a lifesize cardboard cutouts of your friends favorite celebrities! They look just like real! This will be a fun and definitely a pleasant surprise for every fan.


Elvis Presley Commemorative - Price: $ 11.99

Here is another very unique and sentimental gift you can give your loved ones directly from Hollywood. A nicely looking framed picture of their loved celebrities. This gift is a nice gesture to every collector and someone who is a fan of what Hollywood has given to the world.


Hollywood Classic Gift Set - Price: $ 24.99

These are not far all gifts from Hollywood that you can give to pleasantly surprise your loved ones. You can make a Hollywood party with Hollywood party supplies, decorations and party favors, including the red carpet! You can give your friends and family Hollywood gift sets, gift baskets and different personalized items, film stills and movie posters, director’s clapboards, chairs and megaphones as well as a cinema decor for your home movie room or awards dinner. Don’t forget about the stylish clothes with Hollywood symbolic for her and for him and many, many more.

Everyone of us deserves the moment of fame, because we all  are superstars in our hearts! Take your loved ones closer to the stars with gifts from Hollywood!

This unique gift is available here: HOLLYWOOD GIFTS

Price: from $ 5.99