Online Shopping – Pros&Cons

result6We can divide people in different groups also – in those who most of the products choose to purchase online and those who say absolutely ‘no!’ to online shopping.  Although, the number of those people who purchase things in the comfort of their own homes is increasing everyday, people who say ‘no’ to this also have some good arguments for it. Here are some advantages and disadvantages for shopping online:

Main Advantages

Main Disadvantages

  • wider assortment;
  • 40% cheaper (read about it here);
  • no need to go anywhere;
  • no stress before holidays in crowded shopping centers;
  • can shop anytime you have time and desire;
  • products can be shipped worldwide and delivered from any place in the world;
  • a lot more creative and interesting products
  • can’t touch the product;
  • can’t see it in reality;
  • can’t taste it, wear it or try it before purchasing;
  • product may differ from the one displayed at the website

So, it’s up to you how you choose to do your shopping.

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Author: Vita Smiley

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