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Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Here are some creative Groomsmen Gift Ideas which are interesting, fun and classy at the same time. Also great as Birthday, Anniversary, Father’s Day or any other special occasion gifts for him.

1 Cherry Wood Cigar Humidor

Cherry Wood Cigar Humidor BoxThis quality cherry wood cigar humidor retains freshness of cigars. It can be personalized with two lines up to 20 characters. This cigar accessory holds a dozen cigars. A wonderful Groomsmen Gift Idea for those who has the habit  to enjoy a nice cigar once in a while.

 Personalized Cigar HumidorWOOD CIGAR HUMIDOR BOX Price: $49.99


2 Personalized Credit Card Bottle Opener

Personalized Credit Card Bottle OpenerNow you can make sure your wedding groomsmen always have a bottle opener close at hand with this Credit Card Bottle Opener. It is shaped like a credit card and is made of durable stainless steel which fits perfectly inside of a wallet or pocket. The bottle opener can be customized with two lines up to 20 characters for a unique and handy gift for any guy who likes to enjoy a drink every now and then.

 Personalized Credit Card Bottle OpenerCREDIT CARD BOTTLE OPENER Price: $13.59


3 Personalized Cooler Chair

Personalized Cooler ChairAll in one handy easy to carry lightweight unit – the convenience of a cooler, a place to sit and storage. This attractive and sturdy personalized insulated cooler is great for camping, it has plenty of room for your favorite drinks and snacks as well as extra pockets for your car keys or other accessories. With just a few simple steps, the cooler becomes a handy portable stool.

 Personalized Cooler ChairPERSONALIZED COOLER CHAIR Price: $39.99


4 Rubber Grip 13-Function Swiss Army Knife

Rubber Grip 13-Function Swiss Army KnifeMake sure your wedding groomsmen are ready for any life emergency. This 3-function Swiss Army knife includes a screwdriver, nail file, scissors, knife, corkscrew and bottle opener. Made of high quality stainless steel and can be personalized with two lines of up to 12 characters per line.

Groomsmen Gift Ideas Swiss Army Knife MULTI FUNCTION SWISS ARMY KNIFE Price: $19.95


Part 2 of more Groomsmen Gift Ideas coming soon.

Gourmet Gifts – Giant Fortune Cookie

Personalized Handmade Giant Fortune Cookie

Giant Neopolitan Fortune Cookie

Fortune is never too much, moreover if this fortune is so tasty and  so big…

Delight a special someone with this enormous hand baked vanilla fortune cookie. The cookie is dipped in mouthwatering Belgian chocolate and decorated with strawberry confection drizzle.

You can personalize it with a foot long message inside the fortune cookie for a truly unique gift.

This unique gift is available here: GOURMET GIFTS GIANT FORTUNE COOKIES

Buy Kids Books Best Books for ToddlersPrice: $29.99


Here are some other holiday and event themed Giant Fortune Cookie Ideas:


Retro Gift Idea – Vinyl Record Bowl

Retro Gift Idea Vinyl Record Bowl

Vinyl Record Bowl

Creative gift idea for those who appreciate items with a little sentimental value inside.

This bowl is made from actual 12″ vintage vinyl record! It’s perfect for dry goods or upbeat contemporary decoration. This sturdy record bowl has the original label intact and protected with a clear Mylar seal.

This is a creative use of recycled materials and a creative gift for anyone who is into something a little more unusual.

This unique gift is available here: RETRO GIFTS

Retro GiftsPrice: $24.99


Here are some other gift ideas made from vinyl records:

Cutest Aprons for the Whole Family

Fashion Aprons for Family

Fashion Aprons for Family

Do you know someone who likes bustling around the kitchen and always treats you with mouthwatering culinary masterpieces? Maybe it’s your mom, dad or grandma? Well, they surely deserve a nice and stylish gift as a reward!

What about a new apron? Hmm… apron? Come on! What’s unique or special in that? – you would say. But we have found something special indeed – fashionable designer aprons for everyone. Now you can be super stylish even wearing your apron.

We say – why should aprons be all the same and look boring? Add some flavor to your kitchen clothing and be ready to receive compliments from everyone around you, or give it as a unique present for a woman, man or even children. Fun gift for the greatest chef in your life!

This unique gift is available here: FAMILY FASHION APRONS

Price: from $19.95


Magical Flower Blooming Tea

Blooming Tea

Blooming Tea

This is called blooming or flowering tea because it actually blooms like a flower when you pour boiling water. This will be a wonderful surprise for each tea lover and no doubt a unique gift idea. Enjoy!

Here are the main directions how to make a perfect cup of tea using this magical blooming tea:

The blooming teas are tied very tightly, so water heated to boiling is essential for them to bloom properly. Use a heat resistant glass teapot with a relatively wide base to enjoy the experience. It takes a minute or two for it to bloom in boiling hot water; however, some of them may take longer. Remember, this is a good opportunity for patience and to have a moment for yourself.

Once the tea reaches full bloom, it is ready for your first cup of tea, which offers a stronger aroma with a light flavor.

Flowering Tea Buds

Flowering Tea Buds

Keep adding hot water gently to the pot, and take your time. Avoid pouring water directly on top of the already blossomed flower, but rather pour along the side of the pot. Flavor gradually increases as aroma decreases with each following cup. You may be surprised how many cups of tea one tea bud  can offer you and your friends.

This unique gift is available here: FLOWER BLOOMING TEA

Price: $14.70 (approximately 17 buds)

Elegant Gift – Chess Set

British Staunton Chess Set

British Staunton Chess Set

This is a special present for all lovers of the game of chess. It’s a beautiful high quality chess set and a case with a drawer for chess pieces.

It looks very elegant and makes an excellent present for your dad, grandpa, husband, brother, special friend or even boss. Maybe you know a special lady who likes chess or perhaps your kids are into chess. Or maybe there is someone you would like to teach this game and make it their first chess set ever.

No matter who would the recipient be, they will appreciate this beautiful gift.

This unique gift is available here: HIGH QUALITY CHESS SETS GIFTS

Price: $ 134.00